Monitor and improve the air quality in your school to ensure a safe and healthy environment for students, teachers and staff.

Why care about air quality in schools?

50% of schools in the US have been diagnosed with poor indoor air quality1. Poor indoor air quality can decrease alertness, productivity and test scores, as well as increase sick leave for both students and teachers.



Improve the health, wellbeing and productivity of students and staff

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Easily visualize and understand what is in the air

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Get notified

The CO2 Alert feature lets you know when CO2 levels are high

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Take action

Know how and where you need to make improvements

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Be compliant

Easily comply with CO2 regulations and recommendations in your area

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Create trust

Use a certified indoor air quality solution to create trust with parents, teachers and students

Features and benefits

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Simple installation

Our battery-powered, low power air quality monitors are easy to install and don’t need drilling or wiring. Within minutes, you’ll see your air quality in the Airthings Dashboard.

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Powerful and user-friendly dashboard

Use real-time and historical air quality data to manage all of your spaces in one place. Set up alerts that notify when air is unhealthy and generate reports.

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Show that you care

Ensure trust by showing your current air quality through Public Dashboard display, QR codes or generated reports.

Airthings A4B bundle

Scalable solution

Whether you have 1,000 sq ft or 1,000,000 sq ft, our solution can meet your indoor air quality needs.

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Save time and money

Optimize ventilation, heating, cooling and light-based on need instead of schedule, so you are only using energy when you need to.

Measure 13 air quality factors in one scalable solution






Relative humidity


Airborne chemicals (VOCs)


Differential Pressure



Virtual Sensors

Virus Risk

Mold Risk


Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is the air we breathe out, which impacts health and productivity. The level of CO2 in the air is a good indication of a room's ventilation.


A radioactive, invisible gas that comes from the ground. It is the largest cause of lung cancer among non-smokers2.


Particulate matter is a range of particles of dust, dirt, and aerosols that become suspended in the air. PM1 has a diameter of less than 1 micrometers and is invisible to the eye.


Particulate matter is a range of particles of dust, dirt, and aerosols that become suspended in the air. PM2.5 has a diameter of less than 2.5 micrometers and is invisible to the eye.

Relative humidity

When humidity levels are too high, mold and rot can occur while low humidity levels can encourage airborne virus spread and increased susceptibility to colds and respiratory illness.


Temperature affects mood, comfort level, and alertness.

Airborne chemicals (VOCs)

VOCs (volatile organic compounds) are odors and gaseous toxins, causing short- or long-term health effects from minor eye, nose and throat irritations to liver and kidney damage.


The weight of the air, technically called barometric pressure, can cause headaches, joint pain, and fatigue.

Differential Pressure

The difference of pressure between two points. Unbalanced air pressure leads to energy losses from leakage and infiltration.


Monitoring when the lights are on or off in a space can help identify wasted energy usage.


Noise level should be kept between optimal ranges in areas of long exposure to boost productivity and concentration. High noise levels can leave people with long-term damage. We measure sound intensity in dB(A) and no sound is recorded.

Virus Risk

The calculation of how conducive your indoor environment is to the survival of airborne viruses and likelihood of transmission.

Mold Risk

A calculation of how conducive your indoor space is for mold growth. Mold thrives in poorly ventilated, humid spaces and is harmful to people’s health.

Learn more about how Airthings for Business can help your school

East Porter Schools

Healthy air quality was top of mind for this school district. With the help of Airthings air quality data, they found they could seriously reduce energy costs.

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Life Chiropractic College West

Life Chiropractic College West improved their students' and staffs' wellbeing by utilizing air quality data from Airthings.

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How to improve CO2 monitoring in schools around the world

Watch our free webinar and learn about smart monitoring for safe and productive learning environments.

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What’s included in the solution

24/7 remote access to customizable dashboard
Get insights and tips based on your air quality
Customizable dashboard views
Visual indication on device when CO2 levels get too high
Customizable alerts and notifications
Easily add new sensors to current solution
Customizable Public Dashboard for public spaces
Space Hub connects using cellular
Shareable air quality reports for chosen time period
Easy API setup
Real-time and historical air quality data across all buildings
Access to integrations
Single platform to manage air quality across multiple buildings
Dedicated Airthings for Business support team
Floor plan overview
Frequent new features delivered automatically


Space Pro

Our most powerful wireless monitor, measuring 10 indoor air quality factors and radon.

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Space CO2 Mini

Wireless monitor for CO2, temperature, light, noise and virus risk.


Space CO2

Wireless monitor for CO2, temperature, light, noise and virus risk.


Space Plus

Wireless monitor measuring 7 indoor air quality factors and radon.


Space Hub

The Hub connects all Airthings for Business monitors to the cloud.


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